Whether you are wanting to receive fame and fortune through your music or simply make a few extra dollars and have some fun, playing cover music can be the missing link you've been looking for.

It might simply be an outlet for your self-expression, the method by which you consolidate those countless hours of practice up until now.

The money made from playing covers can be used to fuel original music projects or expand your cover show. The experienced gained from playing week in week out is irreplaceable. Just think, how successful would The Beatles have been without the Hamburg days? Not to mention the King himself, Elvis Presley, the greatest cover artist of all, as he didn't write the majority of his songs.

How To Gig contains tools, techniques and insider tips for:
  • Playing as a solo artist, a duo, or a band
  • Promoting your band
  • Choosing and arranging songs to build energy and get the crowd dancing
  • Organizing your band as a business
  • Stage setup, equipment and lighting
  • Setting your price and negotiating with venues and agents
...and many more topics to help you share your talents and turn your passion into a real business.

This e-book has been designed to be a guide as you prepare yourself for the cover scene. Nothing in it is a hard and fast rule, even the tax section will vary from state to state. Keep its contents in the back of your mind when you go out researching your next move and you should fast track the process of moving from the bedroom to the stage.

About The Author:
Amiel Matthews has been a professional musician for over 8 years, and performing for over 15 years. He has played close to 1000 gigs and holds a Diploma in Sound Engineering. Other musical roles include teaching and mentoring high school students. He is currently teaching guitar and performing as a solo artist.